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January 15,2019

Continuing Education Courses

Post Graduate Course I - Table Skills and Dining Manners:

Review of Informal Place Setting – How to Eat Difficult Foods – Proper Handling and Use of Utensils – Napkin Use & Placement – Dining Out – How to Eat Dessert With a Spoon & Fork – How to Eat Soup – Rules for Eating Bread and Rolls – Proper Posture at the Table – Mealtime Conversation
Two Hours - Fee $ 85.00

Post Graduate Course II – Every Day Etiquette at Home and in Public Places - Leadership Skills:

The Importance of Respect for Family, Teachers and Friends – How to Be a Good Friend – Courtesy and Respect at Home – Appropriate Behavior in Public – Practicing Good Sportsmanship – Getting Along With Different Types of People – Party Manners – More Magic Words – How to be the Perfect Guest and Host
Two Hours - Fee $ 85.00

Post Graduate Course III - Communication Skills and First Impressions:

Language Skills and How to be a Good Listener – Telephone Manners and Safety – How to Enter and Exit a Group – Make a Good Impression with the Proper Greeting – Self Introduction and Use of Proper Titles – Thank You Notes & Addressing an Envelope – What Your Posture is Saying About You – Finding the Solution to Conflict Without Aggression – Grooming Essentials
Two Hours – Fee $ 85.00

All students are asked to bring to class their etiquette training manual.

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